Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday Afternoon & Evening

Sam finally made a big poop towards the end of the afternoon and then, like magic, he was ready to hit the pool. So we went for a late afternoon swim at Daddy's house. "Daddy I go swimming!" and "Daddy I go unduh wahd-air!" he likes to shout.

And for just two years old, he's really a good swimmer. He uses those inflatable arm bands (like these) to keep afloat but he's starting to get the hang of moving his arms and legs to propell himself through the water. He LOVES to jump into the pool, and sometimes goes in feet first but sometimes takes sort of a racing dive. He's going to be a very good swimmer, I'm sure.

After swimming for an hour or so we sit by the pool to dry off, relax and take snapshots.

Back inside, Sam finds the empty egg carton and busies himself with this while Daddy gets dinner ready.

I just discovered this weekend that Sam LOVES to eat fried chicken. When I gave him the first piece I cut little bite-sized pieces off the bone for him. He looked at the plate, and grabbed the second drumstick that I hadn't yet cut up, and he tore into it! No need to bother cutting it off the bone any more, I guess. Sam is full of surprises.

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