Friday, August 29, 2008

Fawcett Family Portrait

I did a series of family portraits for a lovely young couple who were just blessed with the world's most awesome twins! Mom's parents flew in and her brother and sister drive in from various places to make these pictures. We shot outside at a park in southwest Austin just as the sun was going down. The strobes (see below) did a great job illuminating the family, but of course the light fell off way before it was able to light the grass and trees in the background. I like the silhouetting effect, it has a dramatic look. I cropped it loosely so they will have plenty of flexibility for printing formats.

More from the series can be seen here.

Lighting Details:
AB800 at about 1/2 power through large softbox, up high and camera left; AB800 at about 1/2 power through large octobox, up high and camera right. Metered with Sekonic L-358 and triggered with PW.

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