Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food: Phil's Ice House

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Phil's Ice House: The Allendale Burger

Phil's Ice House, located on Burnet Road at Northland (, makes a dozen varieties of burger along with some awesome french fries and a few other sides. For a cheeseburger, fries and cup of water, the cost is just under $8 with tax.

The burger itself is pretty good, basically the same patty that hundreds of other restaurants get from the same wholesalers. It's not the thickest patty around but far meatier than those nasty fast food chains.

Unfortunately Phil's gave me a bad first impression by skimping on a tiny serving of fries. I took the basket back to the counter and asked "Do you guys normally give a stingy little serving of fries like this?" and the nice lady replied "yes ... but would you like more?" So all was not lost.

The fries are totally delicious; they serve a mix of regular potato and sweet potato fries. I can't understand why more places don't serve sweet potato fries! The bun was very bready; I don't like when it feels like there's way more bread than burger.

Overall I felt that eight bucks was too steep for a burger, fries and water. Unfortunately that's the going rate these days at Dans, Fran's, Five Guys (best burger in town, in my opinion), Hillbert's and the other good burger joints. Sadly, the days of a $5 burger, fries and coke are long gone.

Phil's Ice House: The Patio

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