Sunday, May 17, 2009

Food: Rudy's Gas Station and Bar-B-Que Emporium

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Rudy's in my opinion isn't the best bar-b-que in Central Texas. But there's a lot of stiff competition here and I'd say Rudy's is definitely among the top ten. In addition to three cuts of brisket (lean, fatty or cutter's choice), they also serve pork ribs and a tasty smoked sausage. You buy the meats by the pound, and sides (cole slaw, mashed potato, creamed corn, beans) are available in three sizes of styrofoam cup. Rudy's Sauce is really good, sweet and tangy. And they give you an endless supply of sliced pickles and white onions.

The meal shown here (half pound of brisket, side of cole slaw, cup of water) cost $6.50. The half pound of meat made a sandwich and a half.

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