Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo Walk with Nicca

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This evening I met my friend Nicca for a photo walk at Town Lake. We specifically wanted to focus on getting sharp images of people. I pulled out my current favorite lens: the 85mm f/1.8. It is great in low light, and just perfect for portraits. This is a lens that I had rented for many jobs but I finally purchased it and now it's always in my camera bag. All the pictures below, except for the very bottom picture, were taken with this lens. I love it!

Nothing says "summer" like kids playing in a fountain.

Beautiful Nicca

Silly Nicca

Nutty Nicca

Downtown Austin bathed in Sunset Gold and Pink

Spectacular Sunset


Cedar said...

No pics of the sunset itself? I was out gardening @ Sunshine, it was gaudy, outrageous, spectacular!!


JeffCam said...

It WAS gaudy, indeed. Quite showy. I just added another picture for you, Cedar, that shows more of the sunset. But most of my pictures from the evening showed the sunset's effect, not the sunset itself. Know what I mean? Anyway, thanks for looking! :)